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and an assortment of the finest, locally sourced ingredients. At Chocodiem, our goal is to deliver beautifully crafted, quality chocolate confections to each of our devoted customers. Next time you stop by, ask about our natural sweetener, a delicious locally sourced honey, or farm fresh ingredients from neighboring New Jersey and Pennsylvania farmers, including flavorsome milk, cream, and fruit!


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Our flagship chocolate store location is situated in Easton, PA as a part of the thriving Easton Public Market, with our original location residing in the quaint town of Clinton, NJ. Come visit us and explore the wonder of a variety of artisan goodies, developed with a strong commitment from our fellow vendors and community partners. Throughout our journey of creating delicious, one-of-a-kind treats, we suggest trying our Red Wine truffles using Tolino Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Espresso truffles made with Fieldstone’s Kickin Goat espresso, craft beer truffles infused with the delicious Cacao Porter from Shawnee Brewery, or one of many other sweets from our wonderful flavor collaborations.

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INFO@CHOCODIEM.COM / TEL: 610.829.2722


Leave us a message below with any questions on our process of crafting specialized, artisan chocolates for gifts, favors or catered events.